Frequently Asked Questions


What is Game Realm?

Game Realm is a free-to-play Game portal. Game Realm is always on the lookout for cool new games to implement on the Game Portal.

Why is Game Realm

Game Realm aims to aid the indie gamedevelopment scene by maintaining a platform to add (demos of) games, increase the amount of players and lets the owner place links to the (paid) version of the game while making income through advertisements.

How much visitors has Game Realm?

This information will be distributed shortly.

Game upload

When can I upload my games?

The Game Center part of Game Realm is still under construction, it will be here as soon as possible.

What are the criteria for uploading a game?

It is hard to make a full criteria list, the best way to determine this, is to finish the game first, and then decide what to put in the Game Realm version (if not all). Overall, the players should get a good idea of what the game is about, provide enough content to achieve something in the game.

Can I put my own ads in the game?

This is not allowed for the indie titles. We allow an indie title to have a small link to the webpage in the main menu, and a link to a webpage, appstore, googleplay or anything else when the game (or demo) is finished. We do not allow ingame ads.


When is the payout?

A payout is can be requested when the account has obtained €100,- or more. Payouts are usually done the last tuesday of the month.

Can I add more games?

Yes you can, the income of all these games can be viewed in the Game Center.