Freefall Tournament

About: Fight in fast-paced matches. 8 classes with unique weapons, bombs, & special abilities that help contribute to the team. Jetpack through 3 low gravity maps & lock-on target to destroy your opponents in aerial combat. Ranks up to General. Ranks unlock armor upgrades. Z Cash & XP awarded for teamwork. Respawn regroups teammates. Customize your look with skins.
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Creator: Freerangegames Played: 1188 times
Tags: Freefall tournament, Fast paced, Unity3D, Shooter, Assassins, Enemies, Skills, Armory Published: 2014-10-04 00:00:00
28-10-2014 @ 00:18
User rated this 5/5
I love how this game functions! the models are simply amazing aswel as the gameplay.. I can play it for hours! 

Im not sure how the tournaments work exactly though.
28-10-2014 @ 00:29
User rated this 5/5

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